Everyone loves green... Olive green that is!

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on April 10 2018

Nancy dress, Nancy top, Dana top, Subtle top, Multitude top and the Emma skirt, all now available in our new Olive bamboo with a black Grevillea print. One of our favourite prints ever, now back in a new colour. People fell in love with our Grevillea print at the end of last year, and we just had to bring it back, with a slight twist. Mix and match is the goal and we think we have succeeded, with whole bamboo outfits being possible by mixing a black bamboo and the Olive Grevillea together.

The bamboo is so easy to swap and change for a completely different look. The Nancy dress and Nancy top are some of the key pieces that seem to accentuate the simple elegance that the bamboo can offer. As you can see above a lot changes, both are Nancy dress' and Multitude tops' and both with the Nellie pants, and it completely changes the whole outfit depending on which piece is printed and which is plain black.

You can even double layer Olive Grevillea, try these combinations. The simple multitude top in the matching print under the dana top or Nancy top. This way you have a warm double layer top for the cooler weather and wearing the Nancy or Dana top on it's own in spring/summer/autumn.

Below is the ever handy Multitude top on it's own. I named it the Multitude top as it can be worn in a multitude of ways.


The new top shape in this collection is called the Subtle top. It's a subtle change from our loved Copper top which has an awesome neckline. So I added extra length to the hem and the sleeves of the Copper top to create a new winter top, the Subtle top.

The Subtle top looks great with all of our pants and skirts, black bamboo or you can double print matching the Subtle top with the Emma skirt which is a longer skirt with splits at the sides to show your boots.

The Olive Grevillea is a slightly lighter weight than our plain bamboo as the mill we work with had the fabric there as the order was cancelled by another customer who ordered it heavier. We didn't want this fabric to go to waste as we know how awesome the locally made bamboo jersey is, so we had the mill screen print over it, adding a little more weight and making it perfect for us and this collection.

Did you know that when we have our bamboo fabric made locally, it is knitted, dyed and printed all in the same facility in Melbourne? We think this is pretty special, truly a local product. All RANT garments are made in Brisbane. All of our Olive Grevillea range can be found here.

Enjoy the Olive Grevillea,





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