Grevillea 2: Back to Nature - Part 1/3 - Natural Grevillea

Written by Dakotah Garrett


Posted on September 19 2018

If you haven't seen it, the new collection is in full swing! Grevillea 2 features lots of our popular styles as well as a new additions and adaptations. 

We will be doing a three part series to highlight the individual sections of our beautiful range. So stay tuned! 

Part 2 can be found here. It focuses on our beautiful Bamboo Layers, and the huge variety of combos you can make.

To start off we are highlighting some of our Natural section. There are more styles in this section and can be found here.

The Grevillea print makes a glorious return, this time in a Natural colour. As always, Sarah has designed the range to be able to be adapted in a huge assortment of ways. The Marmalade dress one of the key pieces in the range: long and flowing, perfect for a hot summer day. 

Marmalade dress, Australian made clothes, cotton clothing, Botanical print, Made in Australia

Sarah came up with a genius idea of adapting a skirt style from the Marmalade dress, thus the Marmalade skirt was made! If you like that the feel of a dress but prefer wearing a top, the skirt is a perfect fit. You are able to mix all of our tops with it to create a 'dress-like' look, which offers more coverage for those who requested it! Some people gave us feedback that the Marmalade dress didn't adjust short enough for them, so we added extra ties front and back to create a myriad of looks. 


Marmalade skirt, Brisbane made clothing, cotton womenswear, Botanical print skirt, Australian made

Above: All have Marmalade skirts. From left: Moonlight top, Moonlight top with Sylvan top layered, Esker top over Obsidian top Oat, Moonflower top. 

Take note that only 1 set of the ties have been used to create an asymmetrical look.

A personal favourite (Even though I can't wear it being a guy!) is the Sylvan top. Sarah designed this to softly add shape to garments. It can be layered over anything and adds shape without being tight. We created the straps out of different cotton trims to create a texture overload. And if there wasn't enough texture for you, all of the seams are single stitched so that the stitching is on the outside, so that it is able to fray and add yet another layer of texture!

100% Made in Australia, Australian made clothing, Australian made fashion, linen fashion, Australian made and owned

If you are looking for a pant alternative to the skirt and dress, the Honey Gem pants are for you. The Honey Gem sold out super quick last year, so we decided to do a limited run in this fabric. The same light flowy fabric is made more substantial with a short voile lining. They have great front pockets, a short elastic waistband that is adjustable with a drawcord, and able to be enjoyed with any of our tops.

Australian made bamboo clothing, cotton clothing 100% Made in Australia, cotton fashion

Another great layering piece is the Lunar top. It is made from Italian modal/cotton fabric and cut on the bias, with the Moonlight scoop neckline and armhole detailing. To top it off the milk lace returns! To add more highlights to this statement piece, we added a edge of the lace made from pure casein (the protein found in milk!) perfect over another printed top or skirt/dress so that you can see the detail. 

Lunar top, Australian made womenswear, eco fashion, Brisbane made Fashion, Sustainable fashion


And finally the Thicket wrap. This is a real conversation starter, while still being able to be used in a multitude of ways. The Thicket wrap is able to be used as a wrap over the hips or wrapped over the shoulders for a 'shawl-esq' look. The look that you can get from people when you tell them it is made from 100% milk (casein protein) is amazing and amusing. It is truely a sustainable accessory, especially when such a beautiful piece can be made from leftover milk from the dairy industry. And no before you ask, it does not smell like milk!

Thicket wrap, casein clothing, sustainable fashion, ethical clothing, Australian made eco-fashion

Thats all the highlights we have for the time being, so stay posted as we will have more parts coming soon!









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