GUM TREE - behind the scenes at the shoot and introducing the collection

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on September 09 2020

On the second day of spring we did the photo shoot for the RANT Gum Tree collection. It was a magic day for me, a team of people I know well, having fun and getting to go out after lunch to my local walking place, the Enoggera reservoir. 

We started the day at our home studio with a makeshift studio in the living room. 

The model for Gum Tree is my beautiful friend Lou again. When I designed this collection I had her in mind, a strong woman who loves walking and swimming, someone who personally wears many of these styles herself also. Lou has the most amazing arms and I wanted to see her in all the singlet tops, looking incredible. Also I knew her curly hair would be a perfect texture for the forest feel.

Alarna Taylor created some makeup looks inspired by all the green colours of the collection. We started with a flash of green under Lou's eyes, then went for graphic lids of green.

We did product shots of all the garments in a bright setting, this way we could allow ourselves to be more creative with the editorial pics because each garment already had clear images. 

After a quick snack of homemade crackers and dips, we jumped into cars and drove a few streets away up to the start of the South boundary track at the Enoggera reservoir. Todd our photographer and I had gone up there a week earlier to check out possible areas to use and they were all along the track I often walk. We started at the bottom with all our equipment in a trolley, garments in bags and worked our way up, stopping at certain areas that had a nice selection of colours and textures.


There were a few trees that I particularly wanted to feature in this shoot and one was a tree with lush green lichen on it's trunk. It was right at the top and we got there just as the sun was going down.

I took this pic below as we finished the shoot. left to right, Lou, Jay, Todd and Dakotah. 

It was done and dusted, a great shoot, I am so grateful that I get to create garments I love and do shoots like this with my family and people I am close to. I got to share all my little lookout places, favourite trees and there were even guest appearances by a flock of Cockatoos and a scattering of Fairy Wrens. 

On the walk back the sun was setting to the West and the full moon was soon to rise to the East. 

So here is the final result, the editorial catalogue of Gum Tree. 

Thanks so much for reading and viewing the catalogue. 





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    love the trees and this walk – always so inspiring with your use of local surrounds and real people!! the tree prints have come up so well – congrats to the team for such a beautiful shoot.

    Posted by julie borgelt | September 11, 2020
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    Just when you think you’ve seen the best Rant shoot possible – this one comes out. This HAS to be the best one ever! Beautiful gum trees (love the lichen tree images) which compliment the gorgeous garments, worn so well by a model that radiates strength and confidence.

    Posted by Anna S | September 11, 2020
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