Handmade belts and scarves made at the RANT studio

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on March 30 2017

The RANT new season scarves and belts are all being handmade at the RANT studio by me, Sarah.

RANT Clothing started in 2003 with belts and wraps I made myself and the circle has come back around this season with my decision to return to making belts and scarves myself again. I always made the first sample of each then had other staff reproduce them in our studio on my trusty machines.

Last year we decided to make our collections more compact to fit in with our lifestyle goals. Simplifying things down has made things less stressful and given both Jason and I more time to do other things, so I decided to return to the sewing machines to make the belts and accessories myself and create new ones while I am playing.

I created two new belts to match the 'Who Wears the Pants' collection, the Circle belt and the Pinstripe belt. I like simple cotton belts that add interest to an outfit but are not too hot to wear in our climate. I also like to play with bits and pieces we have here in our haberdashery cupboard and use off cuts and things that would otherwise be wasted. Zero waste is one of our studio goals. I had a couple of rolls of a pinstripe stitched ribbon which matched the pinstripe fabric we have in the Vests and pants in this collection. This became the pinstripe belt, with other assorted ribbon textures and some tricky pleating loops etc.

It comes in 2 sizes, 70cm or 90cm which is the length of the wider main part of the belt. The ties are the same length on both and you can tie them higher or lower on the hips or waist.

The Circle Belt is a simple cotton belt with a set of large O rings to use as a closure and another O ring to add interest and enable the belt to be angled down on the hips.

It comes in one size and can be fully adjusted.

The Wool Wrap with chunky pin is made from some stunning felted Italian wool fabric that I have had stored under the cutting table since 2008. We only had enough fabric to make 15 of these and also had some really cool chunky pins that come with your wool wrap.

It can be worn over the shoulders and pinned in place. You can also wrap it around the hips over a skirt or pants, so many ways to wear this piece. It also looks great over the end of your bed or used a an interior decorator piece with cushions and throws.

I have edged these scarves with a fold over French elastic bind.

As part of our Zero Waste policy here at the RANT studio, we have been collecting off cuts to make scarves from. I have made a couple of black and charcoal scarves from the ends of rolls and off cuts of this season's wool fabrics, Tencel/Linen and merino/cotton blends.

These scarves we call the Mmerrrino , we spelled the name incorrectly to sound like a sheep!. They are patched together in a big loop, then pre washed and ready to keep you warm this winter.

These are also limited as we didn't end up with as many off cuts as I had expected. The cutting of the wool Coco Tops was actually very efficient and the pattern pieces left no waste. I made 12 of the charcoal patched and 16 of the mostly black patched ones.

I hope you enjoy my new accessories,







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