Have we sold out of your size?

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on May 12 2017

As you may already know, we (Sarah and Jason) at the Sustainable Fashion online store are also the owners and creators of both locally made labels RANT Clothing and Bestowed Clothing. This means you are able to ask us questions about past styles of either label that you are chasing and if the style you were wanting to purchase has sold out in your size and is it going to be available again? 

We do have many limited edition styles that come out seasonally however we base both collections around styles that we repeat and have in stock for many seasons.

In Bestowed most of the garments are made from 3 different locally knitted and dyed organic cotton jersey fabrics which we get made for us once or twice a year. This way we can keep stock of many garments that have become wardrobe staples for many of our customers. So when you have worn your fav top so many times that you would like a new one, chances are that we will still carry that style.

In RANT Clothing we also have lots of base garments in our locally made bamboo jersey which are ongoing shapes. The colours may change seasonally but most of the time we have our fav palette of black and it's dark friends charcoal/storm and ink.

RANT Clothing also has some pant styles that we repeat, sometimes in the same fabrics until we run out and can not get more, then we will offer new variations. Some of these 'classic' shapes are, The Triumph pants, the Montage pants, the Rococco pants, the Weaver pants and the new style the Helen pants.

The Helen pants are a new shape this season that we did in 3 fabrications. The denim and the cotton pinstripe have been repeated a couple of times and we are trying to keep up with the demand. Most of the denim has been cut now, only a small roll left that we can top up a size or two with. The pinstriped cotton is being cut again soon as there are sizes sold out and we have one more roll to make a few more in this fabrication. These pics show how many things the denim Helen Pants match with and that's just a small selection! I am wearing them right now with a Bestowed Perla tee, super comfy outfit, as comfy as a tracksuit, but looks better!

So if your size isn't available, email us on the contact form and we will let you know if we have fabric available and are intending to make more. 

The Samira pants aren't going to be an ongoing style so if you want some of these cuties, they are online now and are limited stock. The same goes for the Carrie Vest and Carrie tails, also the Coco tops as we have cut all the fabric.







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