'Hyper Local' production for our latest Loungewear.

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on August 25 2021

At last I can reveal our latest edition upmarket tracksuit pants. The Parallel pants are awesome utilising a new organic cotton stretch fabric that I have been working on with a local Queensland knitting mill. This fabric is super stretchy using black lycra to add 4 way stretch to the certified organic cotton. This may not sound exciting to you but let me 'geek out' here and explain why this is a game changer for me. When stretchy fabrics  (with Lycra, Elastane & Spandex) are stretched out you can see the light coloured elastic fibre which looks shiny and stands out. As we do mostly dark colours we were able to use a black version which is more expensive but worth it as it eliminates this shiny business, BLACK LYCRA is awesome!

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The new knitting mill is 50kms from our studio so we are able to get quick same day delivery of fabric or pick it up ourselves in the van. We are always looking for ways to make our garments in a more sustainable way and local production has always been a key element of this. The less miles our garments travel the better. We do still get other knits from the Melbourne mills we have worked with for over a decade but we will develop more with the one just down the highway to use in both RANT and BESTOWED.

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Another new option in our quest for 'Hyper Local' production is a small family run factory that is less than 10kms from our studio. When I say factory, this isn't a big set up where I wouldn't know who was actually making our garments but a set up with less than dozen people. Alice who owns it lives upstairs with her parents and they all work in the business downstairs. I related to that set up as it's similar to ours although Dakotah works with us but doesn't live with us these days. They also have a laser cutting machine which individually cuts the garments using the patterns directly from our pattern guy Mike. So I can ask Mike to email a pattern and it's there and our garments are able to be cut when we drop the fabric off. The laser burns through the fabric rather than a blade cutting. All very interesting and I like the result. I am also able to give Alice the patterns for the bits and pieces I add into the marker to use up all the fabric and waste nothing. In fact the laser is so precise that you can place the pattern pieces closer together (only a couple of mm) because unlike laying multiple lays of fabric then using a circular cutter there is no need to allow room between pieces.

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So, back to the Parallel pants, made less than 10kms away, cut with the laser cutter from organic cotton fabric made 50kms away, they are super comfy and will suit all heights. They have a cuff at the bottom which I have made in two lengths. The short cuff is 9cm in length, while the long cuff is 19cm. I found that these different cuff lengths make the pants able to fit our two models who are the two ends of the height scale. Amanda ( the above pics) is 180cm tall and the long cuff work perfectly on her. If you're shorter than Amanda, say 167cm (5'5) or above, you could wear the long cuff. It will bunch up at the ankle a bit if you are shorter or have shorter legs, but that is part of this slouchy look. Heather ( the pics below) is 158cm tall and wearing the short cuff and I folded the cuff in half on her because she is also very tiny. I think the short cuff is good for people under 167cm (5'5) and this way I have covered most heights. There is 23cm difference in the heights of our models, my Mismatched Twins.

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These pants also work really well on guys. Jay and Dakotah both wear these and all the versions that came before them. One day soon I will do a Bestowed shoot with a guy as well so you can see some of the garments on another option. 

Below are close ups on Amanda 180cm tall, to show the details

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These comfy go anywhere track pants have many features the same as our discontinued Trinity Pants. They have the same great front pockets which you always want to put your hands in and the added layer on the bum to stop bagging and to cover underwear lines. The biggest difference is the cuff options and the new waistband. I wanted to eliminate the need to use elastic in the waistband. Mostly because of the inconsistency between batches making the pants fit differently each time we had to buy a batch of elastic. This way it also makes the waistband softer and more relaxed, not holding in tightly and having a bulge above the elastic. Many people, myself included have found the stress of the past 18 months has seen an increase in the middle region of the body. These pants are kind and don't squeeze you in, they gently sit on your hips or your waist and are comfy enough to lounge around in, wear for Pilates or Yoga, going out for coffee or anything you want to do in them. And if you're able to travel, you will find these essential. Comfort plus looking good. The extra details and the beautiful fabric elevate these above the other tracksuit pants offered on the market. 

Wear them daily like I have since I got mine,



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    Hi Kellie,
    Thanks for reading the journal.
    The Parallel pants will be perfect all year round except in the high summer couple of months in the tropics and sub-tropics when you don’t want anything touching your body.
    The organic cotton feels great and these aren’t tight on your legs like leggings which I find a great alternative.

    Posted by Anonymous | September 03, 2021
  • Comment author

    Great story Sarah! Can these be worn in our warmer weather or are they just for winter?

    Posted by Kellie OConnor | September 03, 2021
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