LINO print, a new collaboration.

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on October 23 2020

A few months ago I started chatting to Rachael Lee on Instagram. I saw her art and loved what she was creating. There was one in particular that I saw, a Lino print, it was just the feel I was searching for as a screen print. Straight away I could see this pattern or something similar, on garments, especially on organic cotton jersey in a Bestowed collection. The textures were amazing and I loved that it was from a handmade process. I also connected with Rachael over native flora, we both notice all the trees around us and that inspires what we create. 

This flowering Gum tree (in the pics below) is one that Rachael loves watching go through all it's stages. The flower from this tree is actually featured in the artwork.

It seemed perfect timing that we were to meet as we were on a Gum Tree theme with the RANT collection, and a Bestowed print following also with a flowering gum felt right.

Rachael already owned a few of our printed Bestowed tops, so it was great that our collaboration had her creating the print and we would put it on fabric then garments that she would enjoy wearing. So Treasured Gems as a textile form of art was born.


Below is Rachael Lee in her studio (with Rylee the cat) and her pics and words about the process of Treasured Gems

Linocut is a relief printing process where marks are carved into the lino to form the imagery. The block is rolled with ink and printed under pressure with a printing press.
In the making of Treasured Gems I was thinking….
Imagine if we could see more than our senses allow.
Are we affected by what we can’t see? Are we drawn to places by unseen rhythms?
After cutting the lino to size and giving it a light sand, I transfer my design onto the lino in pencil.
The overlapping red and blue gumnut shapes are drawn to represent unseen rhythms.
Carving in progress…
Artwork within the blue outline is represented with small stitch-like marks.
Negative space within each red outline is carved with a pattern.
Artwork falling outside both the red and blue areas are carved as outlines.
Once the carving is complete all the pencil marks are erased and the block is given another very light sand.
To help make an edition of prints from the block all look the same, a registration sheet is drawn up indicating where the Lino block and the paper sit. This is placed on the bed of the printing press and used for each print. I love the look and feel of a carved block.
The image comes to life once the block is inked, but remember the print will be in reverse to what’s on the block.

An edition of prints is created by re-inking the block each time after running it through the press until the desired number of prints is achieved. The prints need to dry, then are flattened under pressure before being numbered and signed by the artist.

The pic above is Rachael in her treehouse studio with the etching press.

And below is from our meeting at our studio when Rachael visited. I could not stop feeling the texture of the Lino. I'm a tactile person and having a print born of such a tactile process was exciting.

 The fabric has finally been finished and yesterday I got to see it and feel it, beautiful!

Now to sampling and one more pattern as there are some new shapes coming as well as a couple of faithful ones returning. The photoshoot is on 11th November so I will share some behind the scenes pics after that date. 

Late November the garments will be available to purchase along with some handmade cards by Rachael and some of her limited edition prints of Treasured Gems





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    Fabulous process. Will you have some fabric printed with a black & white contrast? The design is so beautiful that a sharp contrast would enhance it. Just my opinion 😊

    Posted by Anna Colbert | November 05, 2020
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