Our Winter 2024 Pop Up Event

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on June 03 2024

This weekend we had the Pop Up Event to launch the new 'RANT Pants' collection in person. We are doing these Pop Up Events twice a year in the same location, underneath my friend Julie's cute independent book store called Scrumptious Reads. They have an art gallery space attached to a room with a kitchen where they do events. It's the perfect space for us to set up shop and show what we do. This time we added a third changing room after some waiting times at the previous event, so the extra one worked really well this time. 

Doing these events allows me to print out the collection images to display on the walls, which has become one of my favourite parts. Seeing our images above the racks totally satisfies my 'merchandising side' and then being able to see our garments on all sorts of bodies totally satisfies my 'designer side'. 

I am so very appreciative of our loyal customers who have supported us over the past 21 years. Being a micro business in 2024 is certainly challenging and this weekend I was so grateful to meet so many of you and see which pieces you selected from our range. I loved seeing 3 customers coming in on Saturday wearing the denim Helen Pants from the 2017 'Who Wears The Pants' collection. This confirmed everything for me, our garments are comfy, last ages and are timeless. All 3 of those people said they are their all time favourite pants and that they were still going strong! This confirms why I made this new collection all RANT Pants. 

The next event is 2nd & 3rd November and will feature our summer selection, so if you are around Brisbane then, make sure you call in to say hi. 

For those who aren't local, we are launching online on Wednesday 5th June. We needed a couple of days to transfer all the stock back in, pack everything away, and get the new styles online (just part of being a small business with all the different jobs we need to do!). 





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