Photo Shoot Day - Behind the Scenes of the Bestowed collection 13

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on November 13 2019

The Bestowed high summer collection (the 13th Bestowed collection) was tested yesterday in 39 degrees at the photo shoot. It was a great day and as usual I like to share the behind the scenes phone pics with you all. 

We started out at our home studio first to do hair and make up, then get an hour of product shots done. That way we were comfortable in air conditioning and had luxuries like running water, electricity and a bathroom! So we cleared the furniture out and set up a backdrop. 

Our model for this shoot was Jess Thomas from Chic models, and the hair and make up wiz was Gemma Elaine. Photos by Todd Hunter McGaw as always.

We did all the product shots with simple Birkenstock sandals on as they are a perfect match for all Bestowed outfits and we needed sturdier footwear for the location part of the shoot. 

Below is our awesome location, out west in the country. True Australian landscape with historic farm buildings from the 1800's. We wanted a genuine Australian feel in our shoot location and that's exactly what we got.

We set up our little camp under Todd's gazebo, set up a rack and were ready to go.

It was hot but no one complained, we're all professionals here, lots of water and cold berries to keep us going along with some homemade goodie balls and hemp protein bars etc. 

We had 4 hours there to shoot 12 outfits and so many interesting places, the textures were amazing and Todd was darting here and there between outfit changes working out where the next outfit would be photographed. These situations are the types that Todd excels in, spotting the perfect light, planning a couple of steps ahead and always capturing something I think is special. 

The lightweight organic cotton garments worked a treat. Even though it was so hot, the cotton clothing was comfortable to wear. I was wearing one of the new sleeveless tops with my Mellow pants in Japanese indigo dyed cotton and found myself surprisingly comfortable. I love to wear test all our garments and this day was a tough test!

Just as the last pics were taken, the sun set in the west behind the parched hills.

We all started packing up and were grateful for the cooler temp which was 34 degrees at that stage! Funny how we were grateful for 34 degrees!

Then we noticed over towards the east that the moon was rising. A absolutely perfect way to end the shoot. We drove home watching the moon through the trees, exhausted but so pleased at the same time. 

The collection is being made at the moment and will be completed for the launch on the first week of December. 

We will be doing our first Pop Up event to launch this Bestowed collection. If you're in Brisbane you will be able to come in and see and feel all the beautiful fabrics. I will be in the store and would love to show it all to you. We will send out details soon.......... but save the dates....... December 5/6/7/8 for 4 days only. 






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    I am so excited I stumbled across this website.. clothing that I have been searching for since I turned 38….(5yrs ago!!!) ;) beautiful – sustainable and right up my alley… I can’t wait to get my first orders in the mail!! I will send pics once I get to try them out!! Thanks for your beautiful contribution to clothing..

    Posted by Mariana Monk | February 14, 2020
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