Rant - 15 years strong

Written by Dakotah Garrett


Posted on May 11 2018

Making sustainable and ethical clothing before it was a 'thing'. 

In May 2003, an idea was born, to make a new label. 

For those know don't me, Dakotah is my name. I am Sarah's son and I witnessed the start of Rant clothing from a very different viewpoint.

A few images from the first photoshoot in 2007.

It has been a very long time. Even though I was 8, I still remember the details. Making cubbies underneath the cutting table, the rolls of fabrics being brought in for the first time, the noise of the sewing machines. It was a world of wonder at the time, full of new and exciting things. The whiteboard filled to edges with ideas for styles and names. Leaving for school in the morning and walking with my mum and meeting her afterwards to walk back, then jumping back into the studio. Creativity was in the air.

The time for me passed quickly, as do all things at that age, blissfully unaware of the difficulties. Over time I noticed, when I woke up in the middle of the night seeing the workroom lights on, glancing at the clock and seeing 2:34 and not comprehending, then falling back to sleep. Jason heading off to Uni to finish his PhD, coming home and then immediately sitting head deep in orders, bookkeeping and accounting. Waking my parents up each day with a cuppa tea, and on some occasions, astounded to see them walking around at 5:30 in the morning, still going. 

A collation from Summer 2008.

Starting a business from scratch is hard, harder than what people think. I have seen it with my own eyes and years later I see the small details. Yet it all worked out, almost against the odds. Through thick and thin, through my teenage years (yes, I really didn't help out during that time!) they were there for me and pushed on. Seeing the walls build up with inspirational styles, images and photoshoots. Seeing the changes of the styles and looks. 

Ethical and sustainable is becoming a more and more common term these days. I remember the time when you had to explain those terms to people because they had either never heard or didn't understand them. Rant was not born with those specific ideals in mind, it just sort of happened that way. The 100% Australian made ethos was always there. Over the time people scoffed at us for not making our clothes offshore. Price was king, and disposability was assumed. The feel, effort and energy that was put into the clothes was irrelevant to them. Sarah and Jason always wanted to reduce the wastage and went to huge efforts to make it a reality.

A collation from 'Crystallography', Summer 2010.

Yet against it all, people came out to support us, buying and encouraging. Seeing the enjoyment that it gave people was refreshing. The constant flow of fabric, the sticking of stickers (which I still do today!), and the general flurry of everyday life in a home studio. I remember the first photoshoot, the excitement in the air, and the wonderment that I experienced. Rant has become part of all our lives. And not just ours, there are plenty of people that have had their lives changed by the clothes.

Years later I look back on those times with a different light, especially when I work here now! 15 years is a great benchmark for us, a good time to look back, and a good time to look forward into the future. We thank all of you for the past 15 years and for many years to come. 


Thanks for reading my little story.





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    Dakotah – Congratulations to Sarah and Jason! a wonderful achievement for my favourite brand. All the hard work is reflected in the beautiful garments I wear. You are a great addition to the team, as a witness since childhood.

    Posted by Lupita | July 05, 2018
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    Must have been great to grow up in such a creative environment. I’m grateful for all the hard work that has gone in as I love the clothes I have bought.

    Posted by Kerry Sutherland | June 04, 2018
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    Wonderful insight Dakotah, thank you for sharing!

    Posted by natalie denning | May 22, 2018
  • Comment author

    I’m so glad you wrote this blog story. It’s great to have it from your point of view.

    Posted by sarah | May 11, 2018
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