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Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on April 06 2022

After wearing my beautiful Luna Gallery merino jumper last winter, I was super keen to add some cotton styles to my personal collection and for our knitwear selection. They’re made in Melbourne by Bev at Luna Gallery using whole garment seamless knitting machines that use zero waste technology.

I find these garments fascinating because it’s a technique I know very little about, so seeing how the two different modes of garment creation work and what they have in common is so interesting. We have two styles that both have a nice flare knitted into them, which are the Cap Sleeve Swing Vest and Swing V-neck jumper. In ‘cut & sew’ garments this shaping is created by adding a couple of panel lines front and back to give the flare. In the ‘knitted garment’ version this achieved by starting from the same point I would add flare, though the ‘knitted garment’ is increased a few stitches at a time to create the flare. See the pic below of the Ebony Cotton Swing Jumper, which is beautiful one and now in my personal collection.

The Luna classic roll neck jumper looks so different in cotton yarn, rather than the merino we featured last winter. I felt that having the cotton option meant people from warmer climates could get lots of wear out of them, and being cotton it’s ‘vegan friendly’ too. The cotton yarn used has slight colour variations, creating a marle look rather than a flat colour. I love the wide cut of these and how they dip down at the sides. The sleeves can be worn long or folded up. They stay nicely when folded up, making it possible to adjust to a length that suits you.



The ingenious shaping of these 2 styles and the nice V neck, creates a great top layer over most RANT outfits. You can choose between a cap sleeve vest or long sleeve jumper, both have the same body shape. The hems have a knitted detail which adds to the overall texture of these pieces.

This style is super cute and I just had to add a few in the beautiful natural linen colour. I styled over black of course, as we do mostly a darker palette, however this piece will look stunning over any base colours.

All these styles were created in one size option, which fits generally sizes XS - XL. I had fun with mine adding them to lots of outfits and love the way knitted garments add a different dimension with their texture. They all work so easily over RANT and Bestowed base layers.

Just a little personal note to the end of this, adding to the challenges of this year, I unfortunately had a fall which has resulted in a broken right wrist! And yes, I am right handed, so doing anything without assistance is near impossible right now. Jay and Dakotah are filling in the gaps as needed, including the personal notes I write with each order. I still get to include my notes, though I now dictate these and Jay writes them for me. Our slow fashion business may be even a little slower for the next 2 months, but won't stop me dreaming up new ideas for the next collections!





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