RANT home - table linen collection with Multi-Uses

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on November 30 2023

I love textiles, and I have as I can remember. These days I see lots of beautiful fabrics, some of them I wouldn’t design into a garment as they’re not the right feel for me but would love to decorate with them. So I decided this year was the perfect time to explore this and create a RANT home collection.


After doing the photoshoot for the RANT ‘Treasure Trove’ collection at my friend Lou’s house earlier this year, I was inspired by the colour and cheerful feel her home has. So when I saw this mid century vibe ‘Pomegranate print’ it was perfect, it came in 3 different colour options that were all great and all very different and I could see them brightening up homes, especially Lou’s with the orange/mustard option and the green/blue too.

So that’s where the images were taken, the Poole House at Sherwood, with its mid century architecture and decoration. Owned by Lou and Marty Hood from Hood Real Estate, Mid century Specialists. 


Over the last few years as I’ve played with different table linen pieces in my own home I found that I only used a couple of sizes and used those for multiple uses. So this first collection is available in those two options and I’ll show you why they’re all you need.


The tea towel size is 49cm x 68cm and can be used as a tea towel, however I use mine as a centre piece on the table, under a vase for decoration or under serving dishes for a dinner setting. I found I used this size more than a table runner, this may be because I don’t have a huge table, but I like the look of the smaller dimensions.

This size also makes a great tray cloth. You can drape it over the edges or fold them under if the tray is a smaller size.

I also use this size anywhere I want to decorate a piece of furniture. Adding a textile element under knick knacks can make them look really different and you can swap them around with different colour and texture or print options.


The napkin size is 44cm x 44cm and they make great napkins adding colour to a table setting and the Japanese linen/cotton fabric feels nice to touch.

But they also make great placemats. I like the square shape under my plate, it frames the ceramics nicely and works on a small table.

The square napkin size also works perfectly for general decoration, nice under a vase or ceramic piece, choosing a colour to accentuate the knick knack.



I really like simplicity in my home and multipurpose items are the best because it means you can keep things simple and have less clutter. I like my 2 decorator stacks in the linen cupboard, both of these sizes in assorted textile options. I can change things up by swapping the colour/texture, trying different options of decorative things together and I get to enjoy seeing things differently. I think this was because I used to be a merchandiser and it’s in my blood.

We make them all in house, Dakotah does the cutting, then I do the roll hemming while listening to an audiobook getting into the rhythm of the sewing task. We both do the washing, like most of the things we make, we wash them in rainwater and air dry them. We usually don’t iron anything as I like the look of the laundered fabric as long as it’s hung to dry correctly. I hang garments on padded hangers, ensuring it’s sitting correctly in shape then dry in the shade. With these I do a similar thing, some I folded over a hanger under my awning and some over the clothes line in the shade, depending on the weather. I give them a shake as they come out of the washing machine and flatten the edges, then there’s no need to iron, but feel free to press if you like that look better.


These pieces make great gifts as there are so many options to utilise them, also we have created a postcard to show what some of the options are. They get bundled together with a fabric tie made from the selvedge of the fabric, which looks great and is part of our zerowaste ethos, finding a use for everything.

We minimise packaging where ever possible and these textiles actually make beautiful gift wrapping themselves as well as being a gift. If you look up Furoshiki you will see many ways to wrap gifts in textiles.

When ordering make sure you let us know in the notes section if you are dividing your purchase into multiple gifts, this way I can add extra fabric ties and postcards to your order so you can bundle each of them individually.


If you purchase 6 or more across the colours and sizes there’s a multi buy discount that comes off automatically. This way you can buy a set all the same or mix and match the colours.

So enjoy these textile pieces in your own home and enjoy gifting them too. We’ve loved creating them.







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