REMEDY Pt 2 - The Merino wool edit

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on May 24 2019

The weather is now cooling down, so it's perfect timing for the second part of the Remedy collection which will be available from Tuesday 28th May.  

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These garments are made from a beautiful lightweight merino wool jersey, 145gsm weight. We only use ethical wool which means that it's certified by RSPCA to ensure that the sheep are not mulesed and that they are looked after, given plenty of food, water and shelter.

Wool is a very sustainable fibre, being renewable, biodegradable, uses 40% less water to process and it can be dyed at lower temperatures. It's beautiful to wear as it's temperature regulating, absorbs 30% of it's weight in water without feeling wet, it doesn't retain smells and is super warm to wear without having to wear bulky garments. Wool fibres can be stretched as much as 25-30% without breaking, so it's even stretchier when knitted into a jersey fabric. 

The REMEDY Merino wool is very soft and all garments are prewashed in rainwater here before they are checked, tagged and ready to be sent out to happy customers. This merino wool is lighter than the wool we used in previous seasons, we wanted it to be that perfect layer to add warmth without being too heavy and also be great for the in between seasons.  

We have made it into 3 main styles and each style is available in the 4 colours.

Black - because some of us just must have the simple darkest option!

Alchemy - this is a dark charcoal with a hint of purple tone. It's very neutral and you can mix and match it with most colours especially with the other colours in the REMEDY wool. 

Spirulina - think of Spirulina powder, dark dark green with a hint of charcoal. This colour changes in different light. It's great with black but also simply stunning mixed with other greens or our Alchemy colour. 

Ivy - a vibrant green, blue based and the colour of plants. Everyone who sees this Ivy green comments on it. My fav combo to mix it with is the Spirulina green. 

The styles are easy to wear and you can layer with them for more warmth and colour combos. 

(below is my fav black combo, Multitude top, Stellar cuffed pants and black Elixir Cardi and black merino beanie)


The Elixir cardi is a new style created for this collection. I wanted a lightweight throw on cardi that flows when you walk. I am always a sucker for movement of fabric and this merino wool flows beautifully. The neckline comes up high at the back of your neck, then drapes down the front to end at mid thigh length. There are 2 handy side pockets and also each side seam has 2 sets of black cotton ribbon ties. I made each set out of a different type of ribbon, one a gros grain type and the other a herringbone construction, a subtle variance but I like to do little things like that when I am designing a new style.  The ribbon ties can be left loose or you can tie them to the back or front or both together, it's up to you and how you want it to look or the level of warmth. 

(below is the Elixir Cardi in Ivy)


The Oracle Vest. This style has been designed to add that extra warmth to your body, add colour as the top layer is shorter and has lots of little details. I created this style because one of our awesome retailers asked for vest type of top, sleeveless and more fitted than our Spinner top. I played around with a few shapes as I didn't want it to be too plain or resemble an activewear top. The pattern came together easily but doing the details and edging took a bit longer and a few more trials. Another retailer was telling me about a top she had from us years ago, a simple Pima cotton top but the part she loved the most was the way I stitched a strip of jersey fabric on top around the neckline, so it wasn't a plain bind. I decided to run with that idea and add another fabric to layer more additional textures. All the colours except black have a charcoal wool ponti strip around the armholes and neckline (The black has black wool ponti).The shoulder seams are stitched together and then a wide French cotton herringbone ribbon is stitched over the top to hide any raw seams and add another level of detail. The centre back seams of both layers also have a little cotton tab, which is super cute. 

The best part about this top was deciding which colour combinations to do. I could have ended up with 10 combos but restricted it to 4, each colour being the top layer and a contrast bottom layer of either black or spirulina. 


The classic Spinner top is back again, this time in a lighter wool than previous seasons and in all 4 REMEDY colours. This one size overlay top has side splits, a loose sleeve and a built in cowl neck. It is that simple 'throw it on' type of style that can be worn loose, belted in or you can tuck one side into create a drape (see below)

This top has always been popular as it's the kind of garment that fits in your handbag, to bring out and layer with as the day cools down. All four colourways are shown below.

The REMEDY wool is limited edition and I am sure you will enjoy mixing and matching these lush colours and wearing these garments.







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    So great to see a model with naturally silver hair. Yay!!!

    Posted by Jess | July 30, 2019
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    Wow these look so beautiful. I live in my merino long black coat from last year.

    Posted by Liz | June 20, 2019
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