The Avril Dress... New style, new way to use Viscose crepe.

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on March 27 2018

The Avril dress was a great project to design, simple yet versatile. Plus I wanted an excuse to make more styles with viscose crepe. It is such a beautiful fabric that I couldn't resist. The Avril dress was made with ease of use in mind, able to be thrown over leggings or for an easy look or layered for a more cosy winter approach. The beauty of the style comes from the viscose crepe fabric. A small but handy detail is the contrast coloured side seem pockets, adding a little extra for you. 

When a crepe fabric is being made, it uses a high twist yarn to get that nice texture and it also gives a slight stretch to the fabric even though it is not knitted. I find it really comfy to wear and it loosens up with body warmth like many natural fibres do e.g.  denim. Then it will shrink back a little again when next washed. This fabric can be ironed with a dry iron on the reverse side if you want a smoother look, but steam does make Viscose crepe 'grow'. So do not use steam, unless you want to gain some extra room. If you do steam by mistake, a simple wash will return the garment to it's original size.

Many labels who also use Viscose crepe fabric put 'dry clean only' on their garments but we prewash all these dresses, therefore preshrink them, so you know what size it's going to be after washing, the size it is when you bought it from us.

The Avril dress can be worn by itself, over any of our pants and layers well with the Multitude top. It comes in black and ink in one size to fit all. Both colours can be found on Sustainable Fashion here.





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