The 'Coolest' dresses

Written by Jason Hodoniczky


Posted on January 05 2017

Happy New Year, we hope you are all well and rested! For the first time in a long time Rant took a whole week off over Christmas and the New Year, we are now well and truly ready to get back to work for 2017.

With the new year has come some very hot weather all around Australia which made us think about Bestowed's "coolest" dresses. These cool dresses will be the key to your summer survival. All dresses below are made from organic cotton and are loose styles that don't touch the body.


Above you see (L to R) the Nasturtium slip, Faith, Faith maxi, Dita, Dita maxi, Briana, Briana maxi and Blythe dresses.

Designed in Brisbane, we truly understand hot and humid weather. This is why all dresses are designed to be loose and not touch your waist. The cotton knit is heavy enough so that it is not see through, there is no need to layer, but is not heavy enough that it traps the heat. With all these styles you do have the option of layering up with the super fine cotton pieces if you are wanting extra arm/shoulder coverage as you can see above with the Dita maxi and Briana maxi.  If you want something to sleep in, the Nasturtium slip is a great option.  It can be layered up during the day with the Phoebe top and worn by itself at night for something extra cool.

All styles are made in Brisbane from Australian made organic cotton, which comes from a mill in Melbourne, and washed in rainwater at the Rant studio. If you have any questions about our fabric and garments or want styling tips please do not hesitate to contact us.

We hope you all have a fantastic year!





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