The creative process behind the new Bestowed print - 'Cascade'

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on October 11 2019

In December we will be launching a high summer bestowed collection. The 'dill print' we did last time was striking and proved to be very popular so we wanted to create a new print that has a very different feel but still one that was botanical themed and people wanted to wear. 

The 'Cascade print' is a floaty soft print made created simply by trimming our Dichondra (silver falls) pot plant that is at our front door. The leaves fall out of the pot, draping down the wall and sway in the breeze. I thought it would be beautiful as a print, the leaves floating down the garments. 

The pics below show how this plant falls so beautifully and is so soft and beautiful. They are not pics of my poor plant at the moment as the extreme dry weather has played havoc on the garden. Also we did a little trimming of the best parts to get the print photos. 

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Jay and I took the trimmed strands of Dichondra and taped them to a board so we could photograph them. We moved it around in a few places to get the best image to be able to create a screen print. I wanted the print to float down the fabric the way the plant does, soft and floating which will be nice in high summer. 

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The fabric it's going to be printed on to is an Australian made Organic cotton jersey, a lightweight knitted fabric the same base cloth that we used for the 'dill print'. It's knitted, dyed and printed at the same mill in Melbourne. We believe it's so important to support local businesses and to keep our local industry alive. Also this way we produce the fabric with fewer travel miles, all within Australia.


The colours we have picked to print on will be dill green (the same green tone as the superfine cotton ) and a rich dark blackberry colour. The print is very subtle on the blackberry as it's a dark colour and the print is fine and black, which suits those of us who prefer to dress in dark tones and not bold prints. The black print on dill green stands out more and will suit those who like a bolder look. Both look great and will be paneled with plain black panels in a few styles. 

Stay tuned here and on our Instagram to see this Bestowed collection being created in real time. The fabric is being printed now and I am busy doing the new patterns. Think loose, but still flattering, cool and comfy styles all in organic cotton jersey, yes clothing to enjoy summer in.





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