The North Bag

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on January 04 2019

The North Bag is a new bag style that I have designed this season as part of the Bestowed collection #11. The East and West bags were created for the Bestowed collection #3 back in 2013 so it was time to do a new style. 

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It's a sling bag from soft cotton fabrics so it becomes part of your outfit and is so comfortable that you can leave on, securing your essentials while out for coffee etc. It's meant to carry your phone, keys, wallet and water bottle and not bulky or heavy items as that will be too uncomfortable and not good for your posture. This is something I battle with sometimes, wanting to carry too many things and ending up with a sore neck or shoulder because i'm lugging around several kilos. This way I limit myself to what I really need and not all those 'just in case' items!

It can be worn to the front or to the back depending on how you want to wear it. 

The main compartment has plenty of room and I made a phone pocket on the outside for even easier access and I prefer to keep my phone away from touching my body. The phone pocket and main compartment have these beautiful custom made zippers, each colourway having a different zipper.

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The Olive textured (Italian cotton) North bag has a black zipper with copper teeth and the bag lining is a nice grey marle colour which is also an Italian cotton. 

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The Ink Twill version is all Italian cotton as well, the lining is a navy stripe which looks great with the black zipper with Gunmetal teeth. 

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The Black version, again being Italian cotton outside and lining (grey marle the same as the olive one). This version has the super cool red zipper with oxy black teeth. I prewash this version to crinkle it up and make the fabric less of a crisp finish.

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This week I cut a few more from the fabric we had left. I cut them myself in house with my trusty circular cutting machine and they are then made by Marlena who sews so beautifully, creating a virtually zero waste locally made cotton bag. The small pattern pieces means I can cut them from small lengths without much waste. You can see from the marker above that the pattern pieces fit in well together.

We strive towards zero waste in everything we do and I try to create patterns that use the fabric efficiently, or I plan to match two styles together so the pieces use most of the fabric. Sustainable practices are used through out our whole production, that's why we make our garments and accessories in small runs as needed and produce 100% in Australia. 







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