We Are All Made of Stars - The 17th Bestowed Collection

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on December 02 2021

I love launching the high Summer Bestowed collections at the beginning of December as we go into summer because they are created for that weather. Nothing feels better when it's hot and humid than light organic cotton on your skin, or should I say skimming across your skin. 

If you have not had a read of the previous story I recommend you do to hear about the concept behind this collection and about the screen print on the garments. It's quite special to all of us here as we all had a part of it, a family project.  

To decide on what tops to screen print on I went through the Bestowed styles, looking at which shapes I wanted a new version of, what styles I go to over and over and chose these three styles, 

Archie tank, as it's simple, loose and a great tank shape.

Abby Top, because it's such a cute style with the little pleat at the back off the yoke detail. 

Alana tee, a 'tee' without being a 'tee'. I love the free feeling of this style, the panel lines, the dip at the back hem, the scoop neckline that isn't held in with a bind but simply folded under and coverstitched. And it has sleeves!

I also picked out my two most loved summer maxi dresses in black of course. The Blythe Maxi (shown below) has always been my 'go to dress'. A beautiful high neckline, great pocket at centre front and flattering panel lines. The second one is the Abby Maxi ( 2 pics below) which has a nice bodice that fits then flares to the floor. This dress swishes around when you walk. 

Sharka Bosakova jewellery was used in the styling.  These pieces are all made by Sharka with 3D printing technology using plant based filaments As she puts it,  'Each component contains internal magnets to allow tailored orientation or a combination assembly with different pieces. This allows the wearer to create their own unique aesthetic statement'

We had so much fun playing with them and styling each outfit with a different option. The pieces can be a necklace, brooch or earrings. To change the earrings all we had to do was remove one and attach another with the super strong magnets.  Not only are they interchangeable they're also super lightweight which is really important to me personally because I don't like to feel weight around my neck and even the larger pieces weight nothing!

Sharka had contacted me earlier in the year as she was looking for stockists who had a focus on local production and sustainability. I loved the whole concept and knew that I would be doing a collection some time that these pieces would be perfect with and this Bestowed collection was a perfect match. I decided I wanted to feature Sharka's pieces but then direct any sales to her as a way to help another small business, because this year has taught me that we all need help each other where we can. If you are interested in purchasing some of this amazing interchangeable wearable art, you can go direct to her website

When I was styling the black with red print section I pulled out a couple of awesome things from my styling kit to use. I brought these amazing shoes a few years ago from local store Gail Sorronda. They're all hand knotted elastic on a high platform! Absolutely perfect with these outfits. Another little gem item from my styling kit, bright red cotton fish net tights by Comme Des Garcon, I knew they would add an extra pop of red into the look. This was a shoot for me to simply express myself artistically with my simple cotton garments in black and white.

The Asteroid skirt pictured above and below was created as part of my on going 'Archive project' where I dream up ideas to use left over bits and pieces of fabric or as in this case small rolls of fabric I have had in storage for years. Originally I ordered it for a Rant collection and it came in totally different to the sample I was shown. It didn't suit the styles planned, so I made a couple of other styles using it but I ended up with some left over. I knew one day it would come to me, an idea, a style that I could use it in. I love the pattern that is embroidered into it, elliptical holes of different sizes... very Cosmos looking... this is the collection that it belongs in. 

I had to cut and make the skirt myself as there were lots of small rolls to use and both of our makers are doing other styles.

The hem is finished off with cotton bias tape stitched over as a hem because I wanted the added texture and wanted to avoid hemming the embroidered fabric as it would be too bulky. There's 4 sets of ties in the side seam which create the bunching detail giving you the best textured look with all the embroidery going in different directions. It's a voluminous statement piece. 

Our print...

We are all made of Stars,

Somewhere something incredible is waiting to be known,

We are the Cosmos made Conscious,

4.2 x 10 27 Hydrogen atoms + 2.8 x 10 27 atoms of Stardust = Human,



The Intention is all about connection with everything,






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    Loved reading about how you designed and created the Asteroid Skirt Sarah. The ‘Archive Project’ is so exciting. Using gorgeous left over fabric rolls from the Rant treasure trove to create something as beautiful as The Asteroid is inspiring. What a great way to end 2021 :)

    Posted by Anna | December 06, 2021
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