We're a family business, a little about us

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on February 01 2018

Some of you know that we're a family business, my husband Jason and I have been doing RANT Clothing since 2003, Bestowed Clothing since 2011 and this online store Sustainable fashion since 2012. We are a small business, working from our home studio, producing 100% of our clothing locally and sourcing as many of the fabrics that we can from Australia too. We have had many staff members over the years helping out in different areas, mostly being students working here while they have been studying and we have been able to teach them many things as everyone needs to multitask in a small business.

The above pic is Jay ironing the denim after the raw denim has been washed ! Yes we ALL multitask around here. 

At the end of 2017 we said goodbye to Avril who worked here for the past 6 months helping with patterns, sewing, checking stock, doing the technical sketches and assisting at the photo shoots etc. She was able to put all her newly learned skills from TAFE into use. She decided to further her studies and move down in Melbourne to study textiles at RMIT.

This all worked out to be perfect timing, the stars were aligned as our son Dakotah who worked with us while he was at high school decided that he wanted to come back and work in the family business. So if you email or call us you not only get to talk to a 'real person', you get to talk to one of us and we can help you with any enquiry. All 3 of us know about the styles, how they fit and about the fabrics.





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