Whispers of the Flowers collection by RANT

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on October 23 2023

Well what a whirl wind the past few weeks have been! I kept wanting to do a journal entry after the photo shoot but it hasn't happened till now. All the stock had to be cut in-house (by Dakotah and I) and then after it's sewn we had to wash the finished styles, check and tag them and prep everything for the launch event and then online. 

So this journal has pics from the collection, the Pop Up event and a few snaps from the photoshoot. 

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This new summer RANT collection 'Whispers of the Flowers' is all about Japanese cotton fabrics, super lightweight and perfect for the heat of summer. They feel amazing and will make the heat and humidity easier to handle, especially in these loose fitting styles. 

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There are two different prints that both have two colour options and they are exclusive to RANT in Australia. There is also a plain black and ink Japanese cotton option. It's really easy to mix and match to create your perfect combo, I will show you some of my favourite ones. 

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The 'Bloom' print is a bold print, either green or natural with black printed flowers, both as awesome as each other. I love the look of this print when it's matched together, both printed top and bottom. The Monarch top with Sprig pants put together is just like a 'jumpsuit' without the down sides of jumpsuits. I wore this combo in the green Bloom print all weekend. First with a Lori tee underneath on Saturday and sleeveless on Sunday, sooooo good to wear. Below pics show the two colourways in this 'jumpsuit' look, either tucked in or worn loose out. The Sprig pants are a generous fitting style with a loose leg shape to keep you cool and they have deep front pockets in a contrast black (same as the waistband). 

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If you love the matching prints but want a skirt option, you can go for the Dixie skirt with either top. This skirt has our soft fold-over organic cotton stretch waistband, two contrast black deep pockets, a full asymmetrical skirt with a tuck on left side, and a hem panel made from a viscose crepe fabric which adds weight to make it fall nicely. 

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If you still want the lightness of these Japanese cottons but want a plain instead of double print, the Monarch top comes in a plain black and there is a new Whisper Culotte style in black and ink options. This fabric is also in a limited run of the fav Levitate skirt in the black or ink Japanese cotton with a lightweight bamboo jersey waistband.

These plain options work well with the prints, matched together as an all black outfit, or black with ink.

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The Whisper print is what we call featherweight (70gsm), it's so super lightweight yet not sheer. We chose to only make this fabric in a couple of top styles, the Monarch and Moonflower tops, because we would have had to add a lining to make it in a skirt or pants. The Moonflower top this season was made 10cm longer to give you a 'tuck in' or softly belt options. The sleeveless Monarch top is the same shape as we made last summer to give those Monarch top fans some new options.

The Whisper print is very subtle, outline sketches of flowers and is only visible up close, which makes it perfect for those not keen on bold prints. 

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The collection was launched over the weekend as a Pop Up Event. Like everything we do, it was very close to our home studio (7km away) and was in a cute space under the bookshop, Scrumptious Reads. The space is usually an art gallery with the other room used for cooking events, like their monthly cook book club. 

We set up the clothing in the art gallery room and in the other area the changing rooms along with some table linen, socks, aroma bloqs and footwear I decided to clear from my 'styling kit'. 

Here are some pics of how it looked. 

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Thanks so much to everyone who came in and visited us. It was so good to meet lots of new people, see familiar faces, and get to see the garments on. My friend Lou was there again to play 'retail girls' with me, which is something we both enjoy. Also both Jay and Dakotah were there to complete the family team. 

And lastly... a couple of behind the scenes pics from the photo shoot earlier this month. 

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