Wildlife artist Philippa Nikulinsky and her beautiful art.

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on April 13 2023

A few years ago we started adding stationery and some table linen to our giftware offerings. We had fun searching for Australian artists who made their products locally and we were drawn to artists who love the Australian flora and fauna like we do. Studio Nikulinsky featuring the art of Philippa Nikulinsky is one of my favourites so I decided to share a little about her as we add new cards, bookmarks and notebooks to our giftware section.

Below is one of the bookmarks in the Soul of the Desert book by Philippa Nikulinsky and Stephan Hopper. I have featured images from this book with the stationery in the following pics too.

Philippa Nikulinsky, who was awarded an Order of Australia in 2016, is one of Australia’s most prolific wildlife artists and has been drawing and painting Australian wildlife for over 50 years. Philippa says she is obsessed with it and has to draw every single day. This passion comes through in her work, all the amazing detail.

Born in Kalgoorlie in 1942 she grew up loving the wildflowers that bloomed once a year creating an incredible display of colour against the contrast of the arid environment. Philippa and her artist husband Alex have travelled non stop all around the huge state of Western Australia for up to 6 months at a time and even did one big trip in the early 70’s with three of their children, the fourth was on its way. They did this trip in a small Fiat car towing a trailer. So they were definitely immersed in the landscape.

Philippa says ‘she loves the arid places, the survivors, things that live in that harsh and difficult environment. She loves to draw them as they have character’.

All of her art is done by starting with the field drawings, done on site and she draws them over and over again. Sometimes there’s 20 or 30 field drawings from which the painting is done. 


Her daughter in law Angela who is married to Philippa's youngest son, created Studio Nikulinsky in 2017 printing Phillipa’s art onto stationery and homewares. We love a family business and we love the Studio Nikulinsky products.

We have curated matching or complimentary products so you can easily select the perfect gift for someone else or for yourself. You can check out the selection here.

Thanks for taking the time to read and view our Journal and thanks for supporting us and the Australian made small businesses we work with. 





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