Slouch beanie

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100% made in Australia.

Originally we created this beanie for Dakotah but thought it was such a great style that we decided to make more of them! The Slouch is a great all-rounder. The organic cotton variant is good option for those who can't wear wool and is the vegan option, whilst the ethical merino is better in the colder months adding some much needed coziness. The Slouch is a style that will be fully made in house by Sarah. The extra room in the back of the beanie is perfect to accommodate for long hair or dreadlocks, the band can also be folded back to shorten it at your whim. Huge recommendation from Dakotah as he wears his almost permanently.


Option 1: 92% organic cotton, 8% lycra (220gsm, GOTS certified)Fabric milled in Australia. 

Option 2: 95% ethical merino, 5% spandex.

If you want to find out how to care for your garments sustainably, Dakotah and Sarah have written a blog story. It can be found here.

Fabric milled in Australia. This merino jersey is a performance fabric and made of the finest quality yarn. It is washable, either with a warm handwash or machine washed on a wool cycle with an approved wool detergent.

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