Hyper Local Clothing: fabric and garments made in Brisbane + behind the scenes of our latest photoshoot

Written by Sarah Garrett-Hodoniczky


Posted on August 03 2022

Last week we did another photoshoot, this was for our Bestowed label, the eighteenth collection I’ve created for this sister label to Rant.

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As you may already know, Bestowed is always made from cotton, which differs from Rant where I use a variety of natural fibres. Mostly for Bestowed I’ve used organic cotton knit fabrics made for us in Melbourne, however in our search to create garments in the most sustainable way, we decided to create a few more organic cotton fabrics with a local Queensland knitting mill. Hyper local garments, where everything is made within 50kms of our home studio, fabric and the garment also!

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The first fabric I developed with our local knitting mill was the heavier (265gsm) stretch organic cotton with black Lycra which we used to make the awesome Parallel pants you can read about them here. Using the black Lycra gives a nice deep colour even when stretched. Usually the clear Lycra fibre when stretched gives a shine, so using black means you don’t get that contrast shine. The new lighter weight (180gsm) organic cotton stretch jersey we have just received for the latest collection has been knitted with black Lycra for the darker colours also, giving them an extra rich colour which is hard to achieve with cotton.

Our colour palette for this collection (the fabric rolls are shown above ) is white, leaf, grape, dragonfly and black. These colours mix and match together perfectly and will be nice and fresh coming into Spring and Summer. Cotton is a great fibre to wear all year round and layering with it in Spring makes easy to wear outfits. I kept this in mind when I designed this Bestowed collection, designing tops that can be worn on their own as well as layered together.

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Our photo shoot day was busy as we had two models for this shoot. We felt it was time to introduce a new element…… after being asked many times over the past few years if we would ever do styles for men….. well we have introduced a Unisex collection. I will talk more about this in my next journal entry when I introduce the collection, but for now here’s a behind the scenes look from the shoot. We didn’t get many pics as we were too frantic getting outfits on and off.

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The Makeup looks

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The first makeup look for our model Adele was a fresh bright green coloured ‘flick’ of eyeshadow. This added the same fresh lift that our leaf coloured garments do.

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The second makeup look was a contoured line of a deeper green to highlight the teal colour we have used, the colour we have named dragonfly.

Below are some outtakes from the shoot. We always have fun while getting through the work. It makes a better shoot when there's laughter...

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organic cotton clothes Australia, ethical fashion online

All these tops were cut in house by our son Dakotah, so it has been a busy place. We have many of them back now and are getting through the task of washing them all in our rainwater. We are aiming to launch this collection in another week to ten days. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this and see what we have been up to.





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