Grevillea 2: Back to Nature - Part 3/3 - Dark Textures

Written by Dakotah Garrett


Posted on October 31 2018

If you haven't seen it, the new collection is in full swing! Grevillea 2 features lots of our popular styles as well as a new additions and adaptations. 

This is the final part to highlight the individual sections of our beautiful range.

Part 1 is already done, which focuses on the Natural part of our beautiful range. It can be found here.

Part 2 focuses on the Bamboo Layers part of the collection and the endless combinations you can make at your desire. It can be found here.

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Here in part 3 we will be discussing the dark textured section of the collection. We were able to source a beautiful Japanese print and stripe that we have highlighted this part of the collection with. For all the lovers of black and darker fashion you will be in your element. Sarah was most excited for the one of our new black fabrics, an Egyptian cotton yarn, made into a crisp fabric in Japan.

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One of the standout pieces is the Marmalade skirt. If you like the Marmalade dress, the skirt is an adaptation on the lower half of the dress. With the same side seam ties but also on the inside there are lots of new ties front and back to create the extra bunched texture. The Marmalade skirt can be worn up and fully bunched or down if the situation calls for it, to create a longer and more covering skirt or depending on your height or styling requirements. The feel of the Egyptian/Japanese cotton makes this skirt absolutely divine. 

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Our favourite top in the range is definitely the Sylvan top, chocked full of detail and texture. The straps are made from multiple layers of cotton herringbone tape and cotton grosgrain ribbon to create extra strength and detail and fastened with a simple yet elegant metal slider buckle. The shape is more figure hugging then most of our styles but with enough stretch that it will be easy to get on and off. All of the seems have been single stitched and put on the outside so that the seams fray for added texture. A beautiful match with a Circle belt and a Marmalade skirt in particular. 


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If pants are more your style we have the glorious and much loved Helen pants! The Helen pants are our popular wide leg pant style. They have a stretchy fold down waistband, designed for comfort and to fit a variety of body shapes. We have a small tutorial on the different ways to wear it, found here. Good for both summer and winter, the Helen is an easy throw on pant that you can wear any day or also to dress up.

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A returning style from 2010, the Chamomile top is a versatile over-garment that can be worn as a boat neck top, or a pair of textured arms, perfect for those who like to wear sleeveless tops or dresses to keep you cool but would like a bit more coverage. There are 2 rows of clicker tape to be able to change it how you like, plus 2 sections across the shoulders. These have double casings with cotton grosgrain ribbon to be able to bunch it to create yet more texture. 


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 The Esker top is cut on the bias and has adjustable shoestring straps. An easy fit with the Marmalade skirt again to make a 2 part dress, light and easy to wear to beat the summer heat. There is a small textured panel on the back made from the Japanese print which encases some elastic, with another textured cotton panel on the back. The ink/cupro variety of the Esker also pairs well with the cupro Levitate to make another 2 part dress with a different texture and feel.

Honey Gem pants, Australian made clothes, cotton clothing, Made in Australia, 100% made in Australia, slow fashion

Another couple of pant option for people that are so inclined is the Honey Gem pants or the Montage Pants. The Honey Gem's come in a beautiful stripe cotton with 2 deep pockets and designed by Sarah to be as light and airy as possible, perfect for a summer pant. The Montage pants are taken from the Triumph pants, another beautiful all season pant, the Montage pants are a made from a lighter fabric so its able to be worn more in the hotter and trans-seasonal months. The Japanese print is a beautiful highlight to make it a more of a statement piece, and the 7/8th length means its able to be worn by a huge variety of heights.


montage pants, japanese print, japanese cotton, japanese fabric, slow fashion, sustainable clothing, sustainable fashion


If you are looking for a good match with the Montage pant or any of the other Japanese print, the Moonlight returns once again with a couple of new colours and in the Japanese print. The Moonlight is a great top on its own but goes perfectly with a belt. I would like just a second to show you the beauty of the Japanese print that I have been harping on about.


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It is hard to translate it to photos, the green/grey of the fabric changes under different lights, but this should give you a good idea.

So ends our 3 part series on our new collection. Hope you enjoyed the extra insight into the range. 






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